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Is the mission to create a space of encounters for Universidad del Bío-Bío, School of Architecture Construction and design, during the “Feria Deco Diseño 2013”, in the city of Concepción, Chile. The four majors that compose the school have two relevant aspects: the tradition and the territory. After founding the oldest schools in the south of Chile, its origin constitutes a dominating relation in the region, manifesting its identity and positioning. The region that gives its name to the university, is a historic border territory and hallucinating contrasts; always humid forests, mountain chains and sea; rivers, water bodies. The constant humidity covers with mist the cities and its surroundings during great part of the year, producing different opacities and visual densities all around.


This lucky diffused ambiance, is what creates the pavilion. Though out a layout with a spiral shape, it proposes maze spaces that surrounds the visitant gradually. Once entering the space, figures are blurred out with the veils; the perception of deepness between the interior and exterior is barely perceivable. As people walk through, diffused silhouettes appear of visitors walking through this ambiance; a game of shadows superimposed in space, provokes that the distance with the surroundings turns unlimited.

The diffused space seams to float above other spaces in the exhibition. Due to its shape and proportions it turns into a landmark in the space. A great space with no solid structure, just the fragilities of an ambiance where the visitor has the lead role in a walk though to play and get lost.


Photographer: Gino Zavala Bianchi

Construction: Andrés Benelli

Students Team: Daniela Frances, Constanza Castillo, Alexis Castro, Daniel Cataldo, Sebastián Fritz, Carlos Navia

Location: Centro de Eventos SurActivo, Concepción, Chile

Proyect Surface: 100 m2

Construction Year: Noviembre 2013

República Portátil